San Juan Quiahije Chatino

[IJAL Texts On-Line, vol. 1, number 1, August 2015]
LA42 QIN4 KCHIN4 ‘Prayer for the Community’
recited by Simón Zurita Cruz

Hilaria Cruz
University of Kentucky
This text is a prayer in San Juan Quiahije Chatino (SJQ) recited by city hall officials and elders in their official capacity as representatives of the community. It was recited by Simón Zurita Cruz, a member of the elder’s council, at 5:00 a.m., on June 24, 2009, in the Catholic Church in San Juan Quiahije. The recording of this prayer took place as the event transpired. The recitation was performed in the presence of municipal officials, elders, and community members.
As is the case with all the prayers conducted by elders and officials in the city hall of San Juan Quiahije, a group of city hall envoys paid a visit to selected elders of the community, including Simón Zurita Cruz, the night before, inviting them to join the municipal officials in carrying out the Prayers for the Community. The elders who agree to accompany the authorities are instructed to come to the city hall at around 4:15 a.m. to begin the event. A total of six elders participated in this ceremony. The elders began to arrive at city hall at 4:00 a.m. At 5:00 a.m., the group walked together from the city hall to the church. Upon arriving at the doorstep of the church, they all knelt and crossed themselves. The officials and the elders then proceeded to walk on their knees to the main altar with their offerings (candles, flowers, leaves, and water) in their hands, saying this prayer aloud. The supplicants walked on their knees for approximately three to four minutes to reach the main altar.
Zurita Cruz’s prayer is one of several prayers that were recited on this particular occasion. In order to record Zurita Cruz, the author knelt next to him and recorded the prayer on the way to the main altar. At 6:00 a.m., upon completion of the prayers, everyone returned to city hall for coffee and bread.

  1. speaker
  2. Ndiyo20si14 Sa3nta24 Ay3ma24
    ndiyo14si0 sa3nta24 ay3ma24
    ndiyo20si14 sa3nta24 ay3ma24
    god saint soul
    ‘O God, O Saints, O Souls,’
  3. speaker
  4. Qyu1 kla24, qan1 kla24, no4 yqu2, no4 ylu3, no4 nsuq3, no4 nsen42
    qyu1 kla4, qan1 kla4, no4 yqu2, no4 ylu3, no4 nsuq3, no4 nsen42
    qyu1 kla24 qan1 kla24 no4 yqu2 no4
    male old female old CPL:survive
    ylu3 no4 nsuq3 no4 nsen42
    CPL:thrive CPL:mature CPL:multiply
    ‘Forefathers, foremothers, those who survived, those who thrived, those who matured, those who multiplied,’
  5. speaker
  6. No4 ya42 tykwi4, no4 ya42 nyi4, no4 ya42 ykwa4, no4 yan42 lo4 kwan4, yan42 lo4 xa3, yan42 lo4 xa1-liyu32
    no4 ya42 tykwi4, no4 ya42 nyi4, no4 ya42 ykwa4, no4 yan42 lo4 kwan4, yan42 lo4 xa3 yan42 lo4 xa4-liyu32
    no4 ya42 tykwi4 no4 ya42 nyi4 no4 ya42 CPL:go.away entire CPL:go.away straight CPL:go.away
    ykwa4 no4 yan42 lo4 kwan4 yan42 lo4 xa3
    even CPL:come.away to sunlight CPL:come.away to light
    yan42 lo4 xa1-liyu32
    CPL:come.away to light-earth
    ‘Those who lived entirely, those who lived a righteous life, those who lived evenly, they came to the sunlight, they came to the light, they came to the world.’
  7. speaker
  8. Sa4-kwa20 nya14 kqu0, sa4-kwa20 nya14 klu0, sa4-kwa20 nya14 ksuq0, sa4-kwa20 nya14 kxin0, tyi20 ton10, tyi20 kqan24
    sa4-kwa20 nya14 kqu14, sa4-kwa20 nya14, klu14 sa4-kwa20 nya14 ksuq14, sa4-kwa20 nya14 kxin14, tyi20 ton10 tyi20 kqan4
    sa4-kwa20 nya14 kqu0 sa4-kwa20 nya14 klu0 sa4-kwa20 nya14 ksuq0
    so.too appear POT:grow so.too appear POT:thrive so.too appear POT:mature
    sa4-kwa20 nya14 kxin0 tyi20 ton10 tyi20 kqan24
    so.too appear POT:multiply POT:AUX stand POT:AUX sit.on.ground
    ‘So too may they survive, so too may they thrive, so too may they mature, so too may they multiply, may stand up (as a force), may sit down (as a force).’
  9. speaker
  10. No4 kwiq2, no4 kneq1, no4 ntsu32, no4 ndla32, nka42 sten4, nka42 yqan20, nka42 sten4
    renq4 ndiyo14si0, in20
    no4 kwiq2, no4 kneq1, no4 ntsu32, no4 ndla32, nka42 sten4, nka42 yqan20, nka42 sten4, renq4 ndiyo14si0 in20
    no4 kwiq2 no4 kneq1 no4 ntsu32 no4 ndla32 baby young PROG:sprout PROG:born
    nka42 sten4 nka42 yqan20 nka42 sten4 renq4 ndiyo14si0, in20
    PROG:be:2SG father:1SG PROG:be:2SG mother:1SG PROG:be:2SG father of.them god INTJ
    ‘The ones that are newborn, the ones that are young, the ones that are blossoming, the ones that are being born, you are my father, you are my mother, you are their father, God!’
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  12. Santo Patron San Juan Bautista
    Santo patron san juan bautista
    santo patron san juan bautista
    saint patron saint John baptist
    ‘Patron Saint John the Baptist.’
  13. speaker
  14. Nqwen4 nka42 re14 qya0, nqwen4 nka42 re14 kchin0
    nqwen4 nka42 re14 qya2 nqwen4 nka42 re14 kchin4
    nqwen4 nka42 re14 qya0 nqwen4 nka42 re14 kchin0
    2SG PROG:be:2SG king mountain 2SG PROG:be:2SG king community
    ‘You are the king of the mountains, you are the king of the community.’
  15. speaker
  16. Nqwen4 tyon42, nqwen4 tyqwi42, sqwa20 yaq0, sqwa20 skon0, tyon42 lo4, tyon42 chonq42, qne24 kqu1 qne24 kjoq20 no4 ntsu32 no4 ndla32
    nqwen4 tyon42, nqwen4 tyqwi42, sqwa20 yaq1, sqwa20 skon1, tyon42 lo4, tyon42 chonq42, qne24 kqu24 qne24 tjoq42 no4 ntsu32 no4 ndla32
    nqwen4 tyon42 nqwen4 tyqwi42 sqwa20 yaq0 sqwa20
    2SG POT:stand:2SG 2SG POT:exist:2SG POT:put:2SG hand:2SG POT:put:2SG
    skon0 tyon42 lo4 tyon42 chonq42 qne24 kqu1
    arm:2SG POT:stand:2SG ahead POT:stand:2SG back POT:do:2SG care.for
    qne24 kjoq20 no4 ntsu32 no4 ndla32
    POT:do:2SG strong PROG:sprout PROG:born
    ‘You shall stand, you shall exist, give a hand, give an arm, stand before them, stand behind them, take care of them, make them strong, those blossoming, those being born.’
  17. speaker
  18. Ntyqan24 qya2 ntyqan24 kchin1 nka42 sten4 nka42 yqan20 nka42 sten24en32
    ntyqan24 qya2 ntyqan24 kchin4 nka42 sten4 nka42 yqan20 nka42 sten4 ndiyo14si0
    ntyqan24 qya2 ntyqan24 kchin1 nka42 sten4 nka42 yqan20
    all mountain all community PROG:be:2SG father:1SG PROG:be:2SG mother:1SG
    nka42 sten24en32 ndiyo14si10
    PROG:be:2SG father:1INCL god
    ‘In the whole community you are my father, you are my mother, you are our father, God.’


I owe thanks to Simón Zurita Cruz and Wenceslao Cortés Cruz, members of the Elders Council of San Juan Quiahije, for their collaboration, and to Ryan Sullivant, Anthony Woodbury, Eric Campbell, Jeff Rasch, Michael Abramov, Gerónimo Barrera de la Torre, and Emiliana Cruz. Finally, thanks go to Brook Danielle Lillehaugen, David Beck, Donna Gerdts, Alma Dean Kolb, and an anonymous reviewer for IJAL for commentary and editing.