About TILA

The Texts in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas series, is an annual supplement to the International Journal of American Linguistics dedicated to the presentation of analyzed oral texts from the indigenous languages of the Americas. TILA volumes are guest-edited, thematically-organized collections of texts published as a supplement to the January issue of IJAL and presented online on the IJAL website.

Issues in the series have a print component of 200 pages (approximately 1,200 lines of analyzed text) as well as online PDF and HTML versions accompanied by audio recordings. Texts are presented in four-line interlinear glossing. There is no restriction as to subject matter, and texts are published from a variety of genres including myths, legends, rituals, and personal narratives.

TILA 1: Zoquean Naratives

ed. by Lynda Boudreault

TILA 2: Narratives in Indigenous Peruvian Languages

ed. by Matt Coler, Pilar Valenzuela, and Roberto Zariquiey

TILA 3: Innu Language Texts

ed. by Lynn Drapeau and Adriana Machado Estevam

TILA 4: Northern Paiute Texts Across Varieties

ed. by Tim Thornes and Maziar Toosarvandani

TILA 5: Plains Life in Kiowa: Voices From a Tribe in Transition

ed. by Andrew McKenzie, Daniel Harbour, and Laurel J. Watkins

Also available, full issues from the Native American Texts Series.