Summary of prosodic processes represented in Line 2.

Table 1 sums up those prosodic phenomena implicit in McQuown’s representation that are made explicit in Line 2 of the texts. These processes occur at three levels, the level of the Intonational Phrase (IP), the level of the Accentual Phrase (AP), and the level of the Lexes. I employ the term “Lex” to refer to a morphosyntactic word-form (by analogy with phone : phoneme, morph : morpheme, lex : lexeme) in order to avoid the term “word”, which would have required me to specify whether a given instance of “word” referred to the morphosyntactic unit or the phonological unit. (“Mc” here is Line 1, McQuown’s representation.)

Table 1. Summary of prosodic processes represented in Line 2.
Domain Size Notation Processes
Domain Process
Intonational Phrase (IP) A clause, an utterance « … »
  • LH% (Mc = ‘_,’)
  • HL% (Mc = ‘_.’)
  • Retention of lexeme-final /ʔ/
  • Dropping of lexeme-final short vowel
  • Residue: graphically-short, graphically-
    stressed, final vowels.
Accentual Phrase (AP) One to several lexes { …  }
  • (Mc = between blank spaces
    with only one graphic stress
…>}{<… >≡ˑ}{…
  • Lengthening of final vowel when
    AP-medial of IP
…>}{<… …}{ⁿ≡<
  • Epenthesis of nasal before
    obstruents when AP-initial,
    medial of IP
Lex One morphosyntactic
< … >
{…><…} H
  • Lengthening and devoicing of
    preceding Consonant at end of
    Lex, medial of AP

The symbols used in Table 1 (and in the first two lines of the texts) are the following:

Line 1: McQuown’s representation.
“  _,” End of Intonational Phrase, continuing intonation.
“  _.” End of Intonational Phrase, final intonation.
Line 2:  Prosodic representation.
«…» Intonational Phrase (IP)
{…} Accentual Phrase (AP)
<…> Lex
H lengthening and devoicing of previous resonant
≡ˑ Prosodic vowel-lengthening
ⁿ≡ Prosodic epenthesis of nasal
IP, Continuing Intonation
IP, Phrase Final Intonation
Lexical Stress occurs on the last vowel of “…>”, unless it is written on the penult syllable.

For the description of each of the processes, see Levy (forthcoming).