Author checklist

Before being sent out for review, papers will undergo a technical check by the editorial assistant, who will ensure that the paper conforms to the minimal specifications outlined in the Guidelines for authors. Please use the following checklist to help ensure that papers meet our specifications:

  • text is written in 12 pt Serif font, left-justified, with 1.5 line-spacing used for running text and single spacing for examples, figures, and tables
  • page margins minimum 1.25 inches on all sides
  • the paper contains no references to the author’s name or affiliation, acknowledgements of people and personal communications, names of grants, projects, or other things which may reveal/lead reviewers to guess the author’s name
  • the PDF file or word-processor document does not include the author’s name under “Document Info” or “Document Properties”
  • a table of contents for the manuscript is included
  • pages, section, examples, figures, and tables are numbered consecutively and correctly
  • figures and tables are left in place; references to these in the texts are accurate
  • the paper uses footnotes rather than endnotes
  • the paper contains a complete list of sources cited
  • the paper contains a complete list of abbreviations used in examples and discussion
  • analyzed examples  conform to the  IJAL style for the formatting of interlinearized linguistic examples
  • all sources for linguistic data are clearly indicated
  • the provenance of all materials is clearly indicated, either in the manuscript or in a separate cover letter to the editors
  • the English (or Spanish) in which the paper is written must be of acceptable academic standard
  • responses to reviewers: revisions and resubmissions must attach a separate document responding in detail to previous reviews; this document must be anonymous and separate from any cover letter to the editors

Papers that do not meet these specifications will be returned to the author for reformatting.